A Different Type of Slavery

Slavery is not particularly a moment of the history that the developed world is very proud of but studying slavery and what happened back in those times is important from a historical point of view. One may question how could we learn from history if we do not know history in the first place? There are many things about slavery that you will find out on this website and hopefully after you have gone through it you will be able to better understand what this practice has meant for humanity and why it is incompatible in today's world. Many of you are probably certain that slavery has been abolished and you will be surprised to find out that it is far from being so. Here you can learn more about different types of slavery.

You might have heard the words 'modern slavery' which implies generally a situation in which people would force other individuals to work for little or no money at all. You can usually see it happening to foreigners who are generally lured into another country by some of their co-nationals which take advantage of them afterwards. The stories follow a similar pattern regardless of the part of the world in which it takes place. Most commonly, those forced into modern slavery are being taken their ID documents away and are forced to comply with the requirements of their 'owner'. It is sad, but it does happen.

The fight against slavery is far from won and here you have just one example. Think about how much diseases how diversified in the last years and how some of them transform the patients into slaves. ED for one is such a condition.


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