Thief is force fed pills

Olga Zajac, 28, was simply cleaning up her hairstyling salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, when a gunman by the name of Viktor Jasinski, 32, quickly slipped into the salon, intending to rob the young woman from the day's earnings.

Ms. Zajac -- who is not only a very talented hair dresser -- but also happens to excel in the martial arts as a karate black belt, swiftly kicked the unsuspecting criminal through the air, causing him to land at the other extreme of the floor with a loud thump. After locking up the salon door and flipping the “Closed Sign” to allow her some privacy, Ms. Zajac proceeded to drag the dazed man to a back room, where she tied him to a radiator with a set of kinky pink, fluffy handcuffs. She then proceeded to strip him off his clothes, not without forcing him to swallow some pills. This ED medication is widely available throughout Russia.

Once the man was stark naked and hopelessly aroused, she proceeded to use him as a sex slave for the next 3 days in order to teach him a lesson in civility that he would never forget.

Once Ms. Zajac got tired of her sex prisoner, she released him and asked him to get lost. Mr. Jasinski showed up at the local police delegation with sore testicles and a bruised ego. When questioned by the police officers, he explained how he had been used as a sex slave for over 72 hours, chained like an animal and treated like a piece of meat by a mad woman..

The police, puzzled by the man's account, immediately headed for Ms. Zajac's place in order to question her. When she heard the accusations made against her by the would be robber, she was unable to hide her disgust and simply exclaimed. “What a bastard!”

Ms. Zajac admitted that they had had sex a couple of times, but that she had also bought him nice a pair of jeans and even gave him some cash before he left.

Without further a due, the police took them both to jail.


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